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Our services

Our expertise includes transportation design, water & wastewater engineering, stormwater management, general site development, and construction management, among others. Our goal is to integrate seamlessly as though we're an extension of your staff at every stage of a project. We work closely with local, state and federal agencies while providing clear communication to stakeholders.



Responding to traffic and mobility demands is key in ensuring a functioning transportation system. We provide full roadway and intersection design, sidewalk and mobility improvements, and temporary traffic control plans for various projects types.

  • Corridor and planning area studies
  • Regional roadway and arterial design
  • Urban street and intersection design
  • Pedestrian, bicycle, and trail planning & design
  • Highway hydrology & hydraulics
  • Culvert & bridge hydraulic design
  • Railroad crossing design
  • Site access & circulation plans
  • Roadway striping and signage plans
  • Temporary traffic control plans


      Providing for clean water and efficient wastewater collection and reuse is central to everyday life. We can help. We have decades of combined experience with analysis and design of water distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, and reuse infrastructure.

      • Water, wastewater, and reuse system modeling
      • Water & wastewater treatment plant design
      • Pumping station and storage tank design
      • Water distribution system evaluation and design
      • Inflow/Infiltration analysis
      • Sanitary sewer evaluation studies (SSES)
      • Lift station analysis & force main design
      • Wastewater collection system evaluation & design
      • Low pressure system design
      • Pipe hydraulic analysis
      • Rehabilitation plans
      • Trenchless technology design
      • TWDB funding compliance
      • TCEQ sewage collection system (SCS) permitting
      • Regulatory assistance


      We are passionate about flood control and protecting our environment. With hydrology and hydraulics at the heart of our business, we evaluate, design and implement systems that work with the natural environment while mitigating the devastating effects of flooding. We also provide analysis, modeling and design of water quality projects that reduce pollutants in our stormwater runoff.

      • Hydrology & hydraulics (1D and 2D modeling)
      • Watershed modeling
      • Drainage master planning
      • TWDB Flood Protection Plan Grant Assistance
      • Dam & reservoir design & modernization
      • Floodplain management and permitting
      • FEMA map modernization
      • FEMA floodplain delineation and reclamation (CLOMR, LOMR, LOMA, LOMR-F, etc.)
      • Creek & local flood hazard risk reduction
      • Storm water detention/retention pond design
      • Water quality analysis, design & permitting
      • Low water crossing design
      • Bridge & culvert scour and channel stability analysis and design
      • Streambank stabilization evaluation & design
      • Natural channel design
      • Erosion & sedimentation control plans
      • TPDES Permitting, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
      • TCEQ Water Pollution Abatement Plans (WPAP)
      • MS4 Permitting


      We are engaged through the lifespan of a program including overall planning, coordination, and control of multiple projects. Our commitment to ensure each project is delivered complete and on-time is evident in our management of the schedules, submittals, and budgets. In addition. our staff has decades of combined experience seeing & managing our individual projects through the construction phase.


      • Project delivery analysis

      • Schedule development & maintenance

      • Budget and cost management

      • Quality assurance & quality control plan development

      • Risk analysis

      • Regulatory agency coordination

      • Cost estimating (OPCC)


      • Bidding and procurement services

      • Pre-construction coordination

      • Submittal review

      • Construction observation

      • Construction contract management

      • Letters of concurrence

      • Record drawing preparation



      Land planning, accurate design, and permit coordination services are critical to the success of any development project. We have extensive experience in feasibility studies, master planning, technical design, and agency permitting at the local, State and Federal levels. The key to our permitting success starts with a thorough understanding of codes and criteria, experience working with stakeholder groups and concerned citizens, and continues with our long-held relationships with various agencies.

      • Land use consulting
      • Due diligence and property assessment reports
      • Feasibility studies
      • Utility extension requests
      • Zoning and entitlement support
      • Land subdivision (platting) documents, applications, and approvals
      • Site plan development, design and permits
      • Utility coordination
      • ROW use license agreements
      • Regulatory compliance
      • TCEQ coordination & permitting
      • US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) Section 404 permitting
      • Construction documents
      • Cost estimating (OPCC)


      An involved community ensures a thorough understanding of project goals and outcomes. We provide public outreach, notifications, and conduct neighborhood open house meetings for many of our projects.

      • Stakeholder identification
      • Public notification
      • Public outreach & engagement
      • Events planning & facilitation
      • Open house meetings
      • 3D modeling and graphic design services